The core of the bussiness is QUALITY and TRUST

Project Manager and Builder

I am George April, an Afrikaans speaking person with more than 26 years building and  construction experience.

 I am dedicated to completing all projects, big or small, with quality  results, on time, and within budget. I believe that I am not only the right man for the job but also the best man for the job.

I only  work with the best artisans in my town. I know them all personally and see them regularly.

Many people are unfortunately compelled to engage builders they do not know and with whom they have not had a chance to build up trusted relationships - with disappointing  results.  These customers often live too far away from their building sites to be able to  monitor their builder's activities and quality of work. 

My testimonials will confirm that I have a  group of very happy customers.  I am take my work seriously, focus on quality and work responsibly when unsupervised.   That provides the edge to do what I love, which is is to be trusted and do the very best of  what is expected of me. 

Roy Potter is a particularly happy customer who engaged me on a number of projects  and recommended me to others.  He discovered me when he first arrived on his empty plot at Port Owen on the West Coast, met his neighbour and told him he wanted to build a house.  He explained to  his neighbour, Peter Smith, that he was a businessman living in Cape Town as was looking  for someone he could trust.  I had built a house for Peter and so he recommended me.

The result was that I  built two complete houses for Roy, one in Port Owen and another two-story  dwelling at Paradise Beach, next to Club Mykonos on the Langebaan Lagoon.  While I built Peter's and Roy's houses, I saw them perhaps once a month.  They were very  happy with the progress I made and my monthly payments were always in my account on  time. Both paid the suppliers in advance and entrusted me with ensuring that the suppliers  stayed within the quoted amounts, which I did.

It feels very good to be trusted, especially in the times that we live in today.